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US voice actors, AI voice licensing just got safer

US voice actors, AI voice licensing just got safer

Today, we're launching a US version of our Voice Cloning Contract (VCC) (formerly the Voice Services Agreement Template or VSAT) in partnership with the Open Voice Network. This open legal template facilitates safe contracting between voice actors and companies creating AI voice clones.

The VCC empowers voice actors to license their voice IP under a set of transparent terms. The contract aims to give voice talent confidence while working in AI and lays out how royalties should be returned on a usage basis. Voice actors can also specify in which sectors (or use cases) they would have their clone used.

We have made the US and UK versions of the VCC freely available for anyone to download and use. It's part of our commitment to making the AI voice industry safer, because we believe that a fair approach benefits everyone.

Download the Voice Cloning Contract

BeyondWords has already used the VCC to create voice clones of UK and US voice actors. These premium AI voices are available exclusively to BeyondWords subscribers that meet the actors' terms.

As well as earning an upfront recording fee, these performers receive royalties based on the amount their voice clone is used throughout the term of the contract. This means that they earn passive income while still working on traditional voice over projects.

Voice actor Kate Marcin said: "I decided to work with BeyondWords because I realized that it was inevitable that this technology would be developed and continue getting better.

"Rather than trying to fight the inevitable and be worried about my career as a voice actor, I wanted to work with a company that actually has voice actors' interests in mind and wants to work directly with us rather than stealing voices as I've heard some other companies have done."

Voice actor Maria Pendolino said: "I love knowing that my voice work can help others experience content in a way that makes it more accessible and available to them. I'm excited to offer this as another part of my voice over business and performance."

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