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SpeechKit has rebranded to BeyondWords

SpeechKit has rebranded to BeyondWords

SpeechKit has rebranded to BeyondWords! We’re so excited to share what we’ve been working on — and what we have in store.

(The major scoop: a new name for a new mission. Plus, free plans!)

Why we rebranded

For the best part of a decade, the team behind SpeechKit has worked to integrate scaleable audio into digital publishing. We made it our mission to bring audio to every article and we developed a toolkit for just that.

Over the past 18 months, adoption of text-to-speech has skyrocketed. We’ve helped teams at News24, The Japan Times, and Fox News, among hundreds of others, to scale audio across their websites, newsletters, and apps.

Audio players powered by BeyondWords now appear on 250,000 articles per month.

We’re now ready to launch a new mission. A mission to blur the lines between reading and listening by creating frictionless AI audio experiences. Our hope is that the name ‘BeyondWords’ captures imaginations and the potential of what’s to come.  

Furthermore, our work with voice-over artists has broadened our understanding of what needs to be done to make voice inclusive, safe, and transparent. We’ve moved beyond our original remit of text-to-speech tools into breaking new ground in voice AI.

New pricing plans

We want to make the benefits of text-to-speech accessible to everyone, so we’ve rebuilt our pricing plans with every kind of publisher in mind.

We now offer a Free plan, which allows you to create up to 30,000 characters of audio every month. That’s approximately four articles, nine newsletters, or one white paper. You can create audio automatically or manually, embed audio automatically or manually, create a podcast feed, and much more!

With our Creator and Pro plans, you get access to more features and more characters. The plans are flexible too — you can add character boosters to increase your limit further.

As always, our Enterprise plan offers large-volume publishers the most robust text-to-speech service on the market. Advanced features for integrating and scaling audio include web and mobile player SDKs, programmatic audio advertising integrations with VAST, and dedicated technical support and account managers.

Create your free account now and upgrade anytime or visit our pricing page to learn more.

What else is new?

We’ve reimagined our dashboard. This puts all our audio production, distribution, analytics, and monetization tools, as well as our AI voice library, at your fingertips. If you aren’t already a member, why not create a free account and explore for yourself?

Let us know what you think

The team and I would love to hear what you think about our rebrand. We’d also be happy to answer any questions you might have. Just send an email over to [email protected] or DM us on Twitter at @BeyondWords_io.

Want to start creating audio with BeyondWords? Create your free account with no credit card details required.