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Introducing our new pricing plans

Introducing our new pricing plans

We’ve updated our pricing plans to make it easier for you to find the right fit.

Our simpler pricing system includes three plans:

  • Pilot, which allows you to try before you buy
  • Pro, designed for independent publishers and small teams
  • Enterprise, designed for larger-scale publishers
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What's the right plan for me?

The Pilot plan allows you to test BeyondWords out and get set up before subscribing.

If you’re converting on-site content into audio, you can set up your CMS integration using our API, WordPress plugin, Ghost integration, or RSS Feed Importer and enable automatic player embedding.

If you’re converting off-site content into audio, you can test out our Text-to-Speech Editor and manual player distributions.

Either way, you'll get access to our voice library and 10,000 characters, which should be enough to create your first few audios and experiment with different voices. You can also test out features like project analytics and aliases.

Once you're ready to upgrade, you can carry on right from where you left off.

The Pro plan comes with 1 million characters a month and all the core features you need to grow your listenership. This includes audio analytics, playlists and podcast feeds, and premium neural voices.

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The Enterprise plan is designed for larger businesses and fully customizable. It comes with advanced support, analytics, and monetization options.

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What does this mean for existing users?

If you are on our Free plan, we will migrate you to the Pilot plan on 31st January 2023:

  • You will not be charged
  • You will not lose access to existing audios or CMS integrations
  • You will gain access to our aliases feature
  • You will lose access to the podcast feed
  • You will lose access to monthly characters (the Pilot plan comes with 10,000 characters which do not renew)

All other plans will be honored indefinitely, but you are welcome to switch to our new Pro plan or speak to our team about going Enterprise. Just head to the 'Settings (Plan)' section of your dashboard.